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Property Management

At Ethan Property, we approach property management with the diligence, care and professionalism you’d expect from national estate agents.

Committed to continuous improvement, we ensure that professional training and personal growth is a priority for our team. Our comprehensive knowledge and experience provides an ongoing benefit to our clients. As ‘career’ property managers, we are a passionate and enthusiastic team who thrive on the challenge that property management offers.

With a commitment to best practice and service excellence, we appreciate the value of your investment property. Highly systemised, our department structure is designed to maximise the professional service levels by offering specialist roles to maintain you property’s management needs. We aim to exceed our own high levels of service.

Property Sales

Ethan Property’s aim is to optimise asset wealth. Ethan Property has a strong national network and extensive database, enabling us to offer a full sales service and achieve optimum results.

Innovators since the day we opened our doors, Ethan Property is a modern and progressive network that continues to evolve to meet the changing needs of its clientele. We understand the value of intelligent, strategic marketing and use every resource at our disposal to see a property sold.

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